The following are real-world problems, circumstances and solutions.

The Client Situation:
A national company with a dispersed work force had grown rapidly,

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leaving no time for the development of an organizational culture that supported the success it was experiencing. The new executive director was competent but her time was overwhelmed with hiring and training new staff and managing the growth of the business with no opportunity to focus on the work environment.

The Solution:
The problems were solved by developing human resource guidelines and adopting management practices that reflected the values of the organization and clarified expectations. On-going dialogue with the executive director concentrated on management strategies and helped her implement the new policies and solve problems. A workshop with the staff introduced the new policies and gave them the chance to resolve issues and gain a better understanding of their work situation.

The Client Situation:
A new nonprofit membership organization was struggling to formalize its leadership and identify its priorities. The leadership was eager to see the organization grow to the next level of effectiveness but there was no systematic method for decision making, assigning authority and establishing accountability.

The Solution:
A workshop for the leaders was designed that focused three most important issues that were barriers to their growth: board development, organizational development and membership. The workshop resulted in more knowledgeable leaders with the tools to implement the specific plans they developed and the commitment to make it work.

The Client Situation:
The board of directors of a health care organization was interested in assessing the needs of the organization. High demand for its services and expansion into new areas were straining resources and creating stress between the staff and the board. There was also concern the organization might not be in compliance with some regulatory requirements and that the organization had outgrown management.

The Solution:
The organizational assessment recommended the staff and board focus on three areas: board governance, organizational structure and personnel management. Several leaders in the organization received continuous coaching to help them resolve conflicts and understand the specific practices needed for the organization to prosper. The board and staff used the assessment to set priorities and rebuild the team to become more effective in their respective roles. Weak systems were replaced, policies were developed and implemented and confidence toward each other was restored.

The Client Situation:
The local affiliate of a national organization was experiencing high turnover on its board of directors had lost track of the main purpose and individuals were unclear about their responsibilities. There was no disciplined method of planning or assigning work.

The Solution:
Educational materials were written that focused on the needs of the organization. A planning retreat was conducted to create specific roles and jobs to be accomplished over several months. The plan was published and is being used to increase achievement and accountability of the board members.

The Client Situation:
The senior management of a large state-wide organization wanted to have their staff implement three new program strategies. The strategies were to be introduced during a weekend retreat. The staff was not in agreement about the workability or wisdom of adopting the new strategies. Most believed that they were already over burdened with work and that work environment issues were more important.

The Solution:
Each staff member participated in surveys, exercises and discussions that directed them toward the benefits to them and the organization of implementing the new strategies. New work relationships and an appreciation for the challenges faced by people who work in other locations and on different programs were developed or enhanced. Three new cross-functional task forces were formed to translate the new strategies into plans that represented all parts of the organization.

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